Sell A Probate House

Sell A Probate House

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When you need to Sell A Probate House fast in Baltimore… We Can Help!!!

How To Sell A Probate House

Let Us Help Sell A Probate House during the Confusing Probate Process

If you’ve recently inherited a property that is currently in Probate and you’re confused about your options, ARI Property Solutions, L.L.C. can help you Sell a Probate House fast.

What is Probate and What Does It Mean if I Can’t Sell a Probate House?

Probate is the legal process needed to transfer title of any property owned by a deceased person.  Probate ensures the property is distributed according to the will or state laws. When property enters into probate, it can be a time consuming and expensive process, which can often take up to a year to be resolved. We can help you “Sell a Probate House – Fast.”


Agreeing to Sell

When there is more than one heir to an estate everyone must agree to sell a probate house.  Trouble can occur if someone doesn’t want to sell a probate house.  When this happens the remaining members may need to buy this family member’s share of the estate.  This action can result in the need to get a loan to buy the member’s share(s).

Unfortunately, there can be substantial court and attorney fees that can often leave you with a large bill to pay.  Also, if the court rules that the property must be sold to pay all of the legal and court fees… you could end up with nothing!

 If the family is unable to turn the estate into cash quickly:

  • Houses can’t be split up between family members until they are sold
  • Houses can’t be used to pay bills, loans, taxes and other obligations until they are sold
  • Houses continue to cost money the longer they stay in the possession of the family
  • Mortgages, taxes, insurance and utilities still have to be paid every month
  • Houses must be fixed up, cleaned, and marketed with a Realtor in order to sell them in the traditional way
  • Traditionally, it can take up to 57 days to Sell a Probate House in Baltimore

How ARI Property Solutions Can Help Your Family Sell A Probate House!

When a family member passes, people often search the internet for how to “sell a probate house.”  What they’re looking for is information on selling a recently inherited property or an estate that is already in probate. Our primary focus is to eliminate confusion for your family during this trying period.  ARI Property Solutions provides a Fair and Accurate Offer to Purchase the house in 24 – 48 hours.  We pay cash, we close quickly, often within your timeline, in an effort to eliminate stress and help your family make a profit on your inheritance.

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